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These series are personal projects as well as works I have done throughout my career at the University of Cincinnati, DAAP Progam. 


What the Sun Touched

This series is a representation of my home, the place I feel most secure. It involved me going around my home and finding places the sun touched, and then trying to capture them in the most natural way possible. When my eye caught a glimmer of light, I made sure to photograph it. I used natural light as a highlight for the things I love most. I want people to feel nostalgia for a place they once loved and to feel belonging and warmth. 

Indy 500

This is a personal project I did expressing my long-lived passion for car racing. These are series of candid shots of moments from the Indy 500 practice day 2022. The roaring engines and anticipation of the race day are what I wanted to capture. 


This series is a statement of my faith, through self-portraiture. I wanted to capture the many stages of my faith, and how it fluctuates from security to loneliness, vise versa. The lace is the main subject in the series representing peace and delicacy, and the innocence of belonging to Christ. The lace covering my body is to show the security I find being a Christian, like a chrysalis is security for a growing butterfly. The lace that is thrown across the floor and along other objects represents letting go of worldly things and surrendering to the creator, as well as growth in my faith.


She Made Time for Family

This series represents moments in time that I remember as a child. Each still life was set up to represent a certain memory in my childhood that is set to trigger emotions of peace yet express the chaos of childhood at the same time. Each image has a specific title to emphasize the theme further. Exploring the idea of being in that childhood state of mind where nothing in the world matters but the things that are right in front of you. It is in these moments of childhood that memories are created and captured, then cherished for generations. 


The Season that Followed

This personal project represents the passage of seasons from Summer to Fall and how we are forced to indulge in change whether we like it or not. As the leaves start to change, so do we. I explore emotions, textures, and the five senses by capturing nature in its process of change. The chills of fall, the wind that whispers in the trees, the season's colorful palette, as well as the dormant and eerie tone that comes with the season. 


With Every Fallen Leaf

This series deals with the topics of loss and memory. How loss can affect and shift a memory from the past. For me, there are three stages of loss, (1) denial and longing, (2) remembering, (3) acceptance and change. The photos start off darker, but as they go down through the stages, they get lighter and warmer. Just like with every fallen leaf and the change of the season, comes room for growth, hope, acceptance, and joy. 

© 2022 by  Emily Chapin. 
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